My friends at the Working Families Party have been under withering attack recently. But Tuesday saw a reversal of fortune — the settling of a frivolous lawsuit that was distracting the WFP from its good work.

A group of reactionary ex-Guiliani staffers had filed a campaign finance suit, not because they had a rightful claim, but to undercut the WFP’s power. In truth, the suit was as much a compliment as anything. It recognized that the party has gained tremendous power in Albany in the past few years. This has NYC’s corporate and real estate interests understandably worried. And when the powerful are threatened, they take steps to defend their power — in this case, attacking the populist WFP.

Tuesday’s decision puts this threat to an end. It surely won’t be the last attack the WFP endures, though. Hopefully in the future, those attacks will be called out as phony political theater they surely will be.

posted in New York City