When this Four Models of Digital Teams paper came out in 2011, I remember thinking it missed one big model – the MoveOn model. That’s understandable, since the paper aims to help legacy groups integrate digital, not rebuild their organizational model from the ground up. But none of the four models it describes – Informal, Centralized, Independent, and Hybrid (illustrated here) – are relevant to a group like MoveOn, which is digital at its very core.

At the time, I was working at MoveOn. Since the paper’s lessons didn’t have a lot of relevance for us, I basically forgot about it.

But now it has popped back up on my radar screen. Jason Mogus, one of the original authors, just sent around a short refresher on the topic. He writes, “… after doing presentations and projects for nearly 100 digital programs since [the publication of the Four Models paper], we find the patterns have held surprisingly firm to this day.” Intriguing. Makes for an interesting 5 minute read.

And instead of forgetting about the paper again, I figured I’d better file it here for my future self. Hello future self!

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