Boy, has a lot happened since my last post!

After three years of running the Analyst Institute, a crappy thing happen: Donald Trump was elected President. (Those two facts are unconnected … I hope!) I loved growing and managing AI, and think that progressives are learning a lot from AI’s work. But running a research institute felt a little far from the post-election breakneck action of politics.

So I’m taking a big step away from research, and diving into the fray of a national legislative campaign. I’ve helped to launch the Millions of Jobs campaign, a coalition of 30+ Democratic constituency groups that are fighting for high-bar principles on jobs and infrastructure legislation. In short: Trump talked a lot about infrastructure on the campaign trail, and promised a $1 trillion investment in our nation’s roads, bridges, airports, etc. Sounds good, right? But in Chuck Schumer’s memorable words, “Trump’s campaign promises on infrastructure are crumbling faster than our roads and bridges.

Instead of actually investing in rebuilding America, Trump’s plan would sell off the backbone of our country to Wall St. and Saudi investors, give massive tax breaks to big developers, and stick the rest of us with more tolls, fees and debt. It’s my job to help make sure that doesn’t happen — and that the American people get the infrastructure investment we need and deserve. Wish me luck!

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