“My mission is to serve the city of New York and all its people, by leading high-impact organizations, projects and campaigns that lead to positive, lasting change.”

About Tate

Tate Hausman runs high-impact organizations, projects and campaigns that straddle the public, private and nonprofit sectors. He is deeply invested in the success of New York City.
Tate’s expertise lies in building, aligning and managing teams. In all his leadership roles, he has either launched or grown the organization: sometimes from an existing structure, sometimes from scratch; sometimes by five staff, sometimes by 50. As a graduate of both Coro Leadership NY and the Rockwood Leadership Institute, he has significant training in leadership theory. But his real learning has come through two decades of practice, as an Executive Director, Managing Director, Board Chair, COO, or other leadership role. In the course of running various organizations, Tate has become an accidental fundraiser and philanthropic advisor, raising over $25 million from both institutional and individual donors, in amounts ranging from $4 million to $4.00.
Tate currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at WorkMoney.org, a rapidly growing social welfare organization that helps its over 2 million members face their financial challenges. WorkMoney shares information to help everyday Americans navigate hard financial decisions, fosters community and camaraderie in tough times, and pushes politicians to respond to our unprecedented times.
Previously, Tate worked with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, envisioning the launch of a new public safety initiative. This followed a stint founding and running Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Fairness PAC, a political action committee that helped Democrats take back the New York State Senate and the U.S. Congress in 2018. Though he had been involved locally for many years, these experiences in the upper echelons of New York’s civic life cemented Tate’s commitment to serving the city.
Before Fairness PAC, most of Tate’s work took place on the federal political stage, leading or co-leading progressive organizations. He launched and directed a sprawling federal advocacy coalition, the Millions of Jobs campaign, that helped to beat back Donald Trump’s phony infrastructure scams in 2017 / 2018, and paved the way for President Biden’s ambitious infrastructure proposal in 2021. From 2013 to 2017, he co-directed the Analyst Institute, an independent center that uses insights from behavioral science and rigorous experiments to help progressives win their campaigns. Before joining the Analyst Institute, Tate spent 2010 to 2012 as the Managing Director of MoveOn.org, helping grow and adapt the 8 million-strong membership group in the ever-changing world of online organizing.
During election years, Tate has lead a number of federal campaigns and political operations. In 2008, he co-founded and directed Vote Today Ohio, a voter mobilization effort that helped swing Ohio to Barack Obama. In 2006, he ran the online operations in a successful Red-to-Blue congressional race in upstate New York (NY-19).
In 2004, he co-lead Slam Bush, a hip-hop voter registration effort that mounted massive concerts in seven swing states. He even worked on a the 2003 California recall circus — a memorable, if ridiculous, campaign.
In tandem with his campaign work, Tate has often spent non-election years consulting for social change organizations, such as Color of Change, the Working Families Party, CREDO Mobile/Working Assets, Paid Leave U.S., Common Ground, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Vets of America. He cut his teeth as a consultant during his two years as Director of Strategy at Free Range Studios, where he wrote, produced, and marketed viral video hits like The Meatrix and Store Wars. His career started at AlterNet.org, where as managing editor he helped transition the offline wire service into a dynamic online community.
Tate’s volunteers his time at the local, national and international levels. He is a proud public school parent and the Treasurer of the PS 261 Afterschool program. He and his son belong to the Metropolitan Rod & Gun Club, where Tate serves as an Archery Range Officer. Farther from home, Tate is the founding Board Chair of SumOfUs.org, a global consumer movement with 18 million members; a board member of Parents Together Action, an advocacy group for parents and their kids; and a board member of the R&R Foundation, a family philanthropy. Tate graduated from Brown University with an honors degree in Education.
At this moment in history, Tate’s favorite quote comes from Winston Churchill: “Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms that have been tried.”
“Government can be a force
of good if it puts people
before profits.”