I had an adventure last weekend, and it left me hungry.

Jesse, Andy, Roan, Roy and I went upstate for a wilderness trip, with one central rule — we could eat only what we foraged, fished or hunted. No outside food was allowed. Roan wrote it all up in this funny, well-illustrated blog post.

The idea for the weekend came to me earlier in the summer, while walking around Brooklyn at dinnertime. Shawna and I were trying to choose from one of ten zillion delicious restaurants. I felt overwhelmed with choices … and overwhelmed by the modern cornucopia that we take for granted every day. What would happen if the modern food system broke down? Would we survive?

For 36 hours, the answer was yes. We came away hungry, but no worse for wear. More importantly, we all came away with an appreciation for the bounty that modern society brings to us every day.

Pancakes at Sweet Sues are sweet. The satisfaction of producing one’s own food is even sweeter!