A History of the Free School Movement, Reborn

Here’s a quirky story with a happy ending. In April 2007, I wrote a blog post about the Internet’s ‘long tail.” A researcher had found me online and requested a copy of my college thesis — a long tail request if ever there was one. Flattered, I posted the thesis on my blog, where it […]

Photos of the Treehouse

Memories of our lovely, five-person sleeping Tree House, which met its untimely demise during Hurricane Sandy.

Living off the Land for 36 Hours

Four friends and I went upstate for a wilderness trip, with one central rule — for 36 hours, we could eat only what we foraged, fished or hunted.

Work Project Week: Newbury, VT

It started with bat shit. The rafters were covered with it. Pigeon shit too. I guess that’s what happens in a 200-year-old church.